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The MNE Conference will address issues in micro and nano-fabrication and manufacturing using lithography and other patterning related approaches, with themes that will include:

Micro and Nano Lithography

Nano-imprint and soft-lithography:
systems, alignment, stamp fabrication, processes and imprinting methods, results and applications, dedicated resists.

Maskless lithography:
photon, charged particles, scanning probe techniques, sources, optics, systems, alignment, modelling, throughput, 3D lithography.

Photon lithography:
DUV, immersion, EUV, sources, optics, systems, mask technology, alignment, optical proximity correction, lithography modelling, novel techniques.

Electron and ion beam lithography:
sources, optics, systems, alignment, proximity corrections, e-beam mask writer, ion and electron beam surface interactions.

Materials for micro and nano lithography:
resists, resist structures, resist processes, nanostructured materials.

Micro and Nano Fabrication

Nanofabrication with top-down and bottom-up approaches:
novel fabrication methods, self-assembly and directed self-assembly, combination of top-down and bottom-up processes, surface nano engineering, resolution limits, nanomanipulation, integration of nano-objects, tip-induced fabrication, nanoscale modelling, molecular technologies.

Pattern transfer and plasma etching:
nanoscale etching, lithography/etching interactions, etching of new materials, novel etching chemistry, etching damage, deep etching, lateral etching, lift-off, plating, sputtering, beam etching/deposition, modelling.

inspection, testing, metrology and in-situ process measurements, devices and circuits, reliability, nanoscale metrology.

Micro and Nano Devices

Nanoelectronic/photonic devices:
nanoelectronics, single electron transistor devices, quantum dots, nano-optics/nanophotonics, plasmonics, nanowire and nanotube based devices, high density data storage devices, nano magnetics, nano devices, molecular devices, characterisation.

Micro and nano manufacturing:
transfer of nanofabrication and nanoscience from laboratory to industry, manufacturable production of nanostructures, devices and systems.

Micro and Nano Systems and their Fabrication: MEMS, NEMS, Micro-Optics, Photovoltaics

Surface and bulk micromachining, 3D structures, stereolithography, rapid prototyping, moulding, new materials, sensors and actuators, M(O)EMS, NEMS, RF-MEMS/NEMS, electromechanical passive devices, RF mechanical resonators.

Micro and Nano Fabrication for Life Science

Micro and nanofabrication of fluidic systems:
characterisation, devices for biology, chemistry, medicine, micro-biodevices, biodetection devices, cell sorting devices, cell/micro-nanostructure interactions, neuronal devices, biochips and lab-on-a-chip, μTAS, BioMEMS, micro-nano devices for chemical analysis, gas sensors.

Bio-inspired technologies:
bionanomachines, bioassembly of nanomaterials, hybrid devices.

Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing (FEBIP)

Modeling and simulations of Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition (FEBID) and Etching (FEBIE). Growth of functional materials (magnetic, photonic…) using FEBIP. Purity of (nano)structures grown by FEBIP. High-resolution FEBIP. New growth concepts: UHV-FEBIP, combined ALD-FEBID, etc. New sensing and biosensing concepts based on FEBIP. Experiments using FEBIE technique. Multi-disciplinary approaches using FEBID and FEBIE. Applications of FEBIP. Fundamentals of ion- or electron-induced processing.

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