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    A big thank you goes to all attendees, authors, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for their contribution to the success of MNE 2013!



Programme at-a-glance – Please click here for PDF file

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Plenary Talks

Name Organisation Provisional Title
Sir John Pendry Imperial College London Transformation optics shapes metamaterials
Martin Wegener KIT Germany 3D Optical Laser Lithography
Akira Fujiwara NTT Basic Research Silicon-based nano devices for diverse applications
Evelyn Hu Harvard University Hybrid optical cavities: controlling light at the scale of a wavelength and below
Göran Stemme KTH Stockholm Cost effective MEMS integration for complex device applications
Jörg Wunderlich Hitachi Labs, Cambridge New trends in spintronics: spin Gating and spintronics with antiferromagnets

Invited Talks

Name Organisation Provisional Title
Richard Blakie Otago Unversity New Zealand Near-field Nanolithography
Enzo DiFabrizio KAUST, Saudi Arabia Nanostructures single molecule detection and imaging: new possibilities in our hands
Thomas Ernst CEA-LETI 3D Stacked Si nanowires: from transistor to sensor
James Hone Columbia University, NY Graphene mechanics and nano-electrical mechanical systems
Michael Huth University of Frankfurt Focused electron beam induced deposition: improved growth by in-situ optimisation
Jong Min Kim Oxford University Nanotechnology and Energy
John Morton University College London Quantum Information Processing using donors in silicon
Tom Pike Imperial College London Developing MEMS instrumentation for planetary exploration
Ivo Rangelow TU Ilmenau Scanning Probes in Nanostructure Fabrication
Reinhard Völkel SUSS MicroOptics Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH): Source-mask optimisation for proximity lithography
Stefan Wurm Sematech Next Generation Lithography - Status Challenges, and Outlook
Peide Ye Purdue University In GaAs nanowire FETs enabled by Atomic Layer Deposition


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Important Deadlines

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  • Notification to Authors: 12 July 2013
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